Parent-Adolescent Mediation (PAM)

Parent-Adolescent Mediation (PAM) helps families resolve conflicts of everyday living.  At the same time, it lets parents and young people learn new ways of handling the strong emotions of family conflict.

Family members work with a mediator to discuss issues such as:

  • school attendance and performance,
  • curfew and social life,
  • household chores,
  • privacy and communication.

The goal is to develop mutually agreed upon solutions as a family.


How does it work?


First, mediators arrange individual meetings with the adolescent and his or her parent. During that session, the mediator will provide information on the process, gain an understanding of the issues, and make an assessment whether mediation is appropriate.  Finally, a joint session will be arranged for both the parent and adolescent to meet together with the mediator. The mediator guides the family to identify issues, explore options, encourage productive communication and provide a written agreement, if requested.

For more information, 

Download the PAM brochure here.